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Amy has been hard at writing a devotional each day since March, 2020, the start of pandemic, the start of lock downs, the start of so much of the craziness we are still coping with daily. She felt the need then to reach out with encouragement, and nothing has changed. Click here to see the latest sip ‘o blog. It’s short and typically pretty sweet. When you visit, you can click the “follow” link at lower right if you’d like to be notified of the newest post.

Walking When You’d Rather Fly Retreat

Take a weekend apart to have an in-depth conversation with a small group. We’ll take turns telling our stories, then follow the question-prompts and action steps presented after each chapter of the book. The author will weave four hours of reflective teaching on the Big Story of God through our gatherings, with sessions called Big Story, the Real Enemy, Finding Life, and Big God.

Amy is also available to speak on these topics at your conference or retreat geared toward recovery from childhood abuse and trauma.

Worship Retreat (or leading worship for your retreat)

In addition to augmenting any of her retreats with music, Amy can lead an entire weekend worship retreat, complete with music as well as teaching on topics such as contemplative worship, why worship matters, cultivating God focus, and enlarging our view of God, which leads to bigger worship.

Or if you’d like a solid worship leader for your already-planned retreat, workshop or conference, Amy is a versatile pianist/vocalist with a heart for worshiping a Big God.

Please use our contact form to request more info about these options, or if you’d like information about specialized conferences and retreats.

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